COVID-19 and the Great Conjunction

How does Saturn-Jupiter Alignment Affect You?

The Moon and the Sun exert gravitational force on Earth’s oceans. These energies also impact our nervous systems. Is there any question that the grand conjunction - alignment of Saturn and Jupiter - will cause energetic ripples affecting humanity? Discover how the resulting galactic energies can be transformed by you to support the rise of human consciousness.

Sunspots and Humanity
Solar Effects on Human Activities

There is a direct relationship between the 11.1 year soar cycle and human led activities. Discover how you can work with these energies and experience expansion and growth in areas you were afraid to venture.

Chaos - Human Consciousness
Fear and Confusion in a Post-Covid World

Humanity is experiencing chaos as we attempt to discern facts from obfuscations. We have seen terms like 'fake news' and 'alternate facts' permeate our vocabulary. We have also seen powerful movements such as 'me too' and 'black lives matter'. Discover the power you have to help transform human consciousness through simple practices.

The Empowered Individual

Through powerful , and yet deceptively simple practices, you will be able to transform human consciousness by channeling and balancing Gaia (earth) and galactic energies with the power of your heart.

Areas Covered

  • The Grounded Spirit guided Meditation
  • Saturn-Jupiter alignment and the combined energies and opportunities for personal expansion
  • The solar cycle and its effects on human activities
  • Setting the stage for transforming growth and evolution of human consciousness through individual practices
  • Guided meditation to balance galactic and earth energy fields with the power of your heart - and broadcasting the combined energies to support humanity's ascension process.


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